ebook design

In this talk, Teresa Elsey (Bridge International Academies) answers the question: “How does my company build ebooks that will still work in two years, or five, or ten?”

Demonstrating with a real-world project and including live demonstrations of InDesign features and their impact on the user, Kevin Callahan and Rachel Comerford will provide a roadmap for simply accessible ebooks.

Join Jiminy and Dave for an Excellent CSS Adventure, traveling through time from the dawn of the Kindle era, through today’s responsive EPUBs, to the future of web publications.

Simon Collinson and Nick Barreto (Canelo Digital Publishing) will walk the audience through their Adobe-free toolbelt, giving tips, tricks, and warning of potholes to avoid.

Handling equations in ebooks is a pain point when dealing with STEM content. Luckily, there are open-source tools that try to pragmatically solve this problem for the web.

This workshop gives an overview of the JavaScript language: how it works, and core principles. We’ll also talk about what that means for the ebook reading experience, tips for implementation, and guidelines for usage.

Think InDesign can’t provide quality ebook output? Think again. By applying certain rules, you can effectively eliminate the need for a separate workflow and leverage InDesign for all it’s worth.

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