Universal CSS: How to maintain flexibility and title-specific branding, while secretly taking away the freedom of design

  • March 21, 2018
What does it take to create standard CSS for a wide range of textbooks that convinces editorial stakeholders to buy in, establishes a standard schema, validates for consistent structure, handles complex layouts and intricate math and chemical equations, and adheres to extensive EPUB and accessibility guidelines? Betsy Granger, Executive Strategist - Content Standards at Macmillan Learning, will share the struggles and successes of their year-long journey. Learn about their approach to treating CSS as if it were software, grounding their design in research, and the four key principles they developed to guide their work.

Universal CSS

Crash course in EPUB

Betsy Granger joined the production team at Macmillan Learning just as they began an initiative to move to EPUBs as their standard digital delivery for ebooks. Here’s how she caught up, fast.

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