It’s 2015: Poetry ebooks have run out of excuses

  • March 11, 2015
Why is poetry such a pain on most e-readers? Why do typesetters continue to dress poems in hand-me-down HTML/CSS that was designed for prose paragraphs? Partly because poetry straddles categories: fiction and non-fiction, fixed and reflowable, illustrated and plain. And partly because poets and typesetters have been trained to think about text in very different ways. Learn how Big Five and independent publishers have attempted poetry on small screens, and leave with practical tips and techniques for your own clients. We’ll also discuss the ways the open-source software movement can help all publishers, even prose publishers, improve their workflows.

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Poetry ebooks have run out of excuses

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Our first guest post of 2015 is from Artie Moffa, who spent six years setting textbooks at a Big Six publisher before switching to the indie scene.

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