How price weaves into reader engagement

  • March 12, 2015
Is there a difference between readers who mainly purchase heavily discounted ebooks versus those who pay full price? How about readers who purchase an ebook as soon as it's available, compared to readers who wait until the ebook price drops in correspondence with the trade paper release? What about readers who make spontaneous purchases, like Daily Deals? In this presentation, Kobo Director of Merchandising Nathan Maharaj weighs in on what Kobo has learned about the relationship between price points and reading habits. He'll also touch on other factors affecting reader engagement, such as season, country, and genre. Get ready for data-driven decision-making at its best!

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How prices weaves into reader engagement

How price weaves into reader engagement

Kobo’s Nathan Maharaj dives into all that data our ereaders have been gathering on our reading habits, and offers some insight into how price points affect reader engagement.

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