ebook usability from the library’s perspective

  • March 23, 2017
Discussions between libraries and publishers often focus on costs and licensing while little is said about ebooks as an effective vehicle for content. Ebook satisfaction and evaluation surveys abound in libraryland but considerations specific to the ebook format have yet to be addressed in our collection management policies. Which isn’t to say we’re not talking amongst ourselves. So how do we feel? How do our patrons feel? What is our stake in ebook production? This panel of information professionals from medical, academic, and public libraries offer their perspectives as collection managers, frontline staff, and, of course, readers. We pull back the curtain on what we love about ebooks, why our ebook recommendations often come with both raves and caveats, how we believe certain types of books and users are best served through the print medium, and our responsibilities as information professionals when issues of accessibility arise.

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Ebook Usability from the Library’s Perspective

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