Curation vs. saturation in a world of all-you-can-read subscription models

  • March 23, 2018
The Netherlands’ Bookchoice has successfully rejuvenated the book club in the digital age to create a brand new revenue stream for authors and extend readership levels to new heights via strategic brand partnerships. Using the context of his experience as both a publisher and within an all-you-can-read service, Nathan Hull will explore why providing less choice might actually be of more value to the reader. Topics discussed include: choosing an appropriate business model to fit a specific market; the importance of advance research and diligence before entering a new market; considerations for the reader, the author/publisher, and the new business; curation as a skill; and the growth of the audiobook format.

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Curation vs. Saturation in a World of All-You-Can-Read Subscription Models

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