This past year took us further along the road toward our rebuild of BNC BiblioShare. Hear about what we’ve learned along the way and discover what ‘old’ BiblioShare has done for you lately.

This presentation will prove that the way to accessibility in digital publications can be paved no matter what the situation, and why it should be the publisher’s concern.

Dani Zacarias, Head of Content and Creator Development (Wattpad), explores how the editorial and content teams create human connections with emerging writers, while also leveraging data and tools to find diverse new voices.

In this session, attendees were invited to share their war stories, show off their most exceptional hacks, stump for their favourite tools, and seek new perspectives on their most troublesome issues.

The latest statistics on Canadian book buying, reading, and consumer habits. Noah will answer all the questions you didn’t know you had in this chart-friendly presentation.

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