Making Brazilian literature accessible

  • May 26, 2020
Isadora will show how in Brazil, a country with so many adversities in all areas, accessible publishing is being tackled. Using Brazilian publishing as a case study, they will consider aspects that can be applied anywhere, while other things may only fit in a reality similar to Brazil. This presentation will prove that the way to accessibility in digital publications can be paved no matter what the situation, and why it should be the publisher’s concern. They will share how Bookwire Brazil is doing it, being in the position of an aggregator, and what further options they’re currently exploring. Accessible publishing is a social issue, but one that will be profitable for companies and for the market as a whole.

On accessibility and diversity: from Brazil, with love

Tech Forum speaker, Isadora Cal, writes about accessibility and diversity.

Making Brazilian literature accessible

Isadora Cal from Bookwire Brazil, talks about accessibility in Brazilian literature.

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