The end of broadcast media and publishing’s hidden radicalism

  • March 24, 2017
Are we witnessing “the end of broadcast media”? Technological developments are accelerating business consolidation, fracturing and recombining audiences, and disrupting everything down to workplace culture. To what extent will this further reach publishing — and must the industry be the passive object of inevitable change? In this talk, Robert Wheaton suggests that our industry can harness these developments to better bring stories and voices to readers – and to do so via positive and empowering workplaces without provoking a backlash within our own constituencies. Will skillsets and roles merge — traditional salespersonship and data analytics; operations specialists and coders; publicists and digital marketers – to carry our evolving publishing landscape into tomorrow? We may discover that publishing’s “old world” business model doesn’t constitute dead weight, but rather a secret weapon.

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The End of Broadcast Media and Publishing’s Hidden Radicalism

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