Repurposing content

  • March 24, 2017
With so many platforms at your fingertips—from podcasts to image databases to repackaged digital bundles—the opportunities for repurposing your content have never been so plentiful. Drawing from case studies of creative and effective ways to give existing content a second life, this panel discussion will show you how to broaden your reach by using the resources you already have.

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Are you ready to start repurposing content?

Publishers create a lot of content, generally the content lives until the book goes out of print and the digital version goes out of spec. But this content can be broken down into smaller components and reused elsewhere.

The Irresistible Opportunity: McSweeney’s Approach to Repurposing Content

The one thing all publishers always have more than enough of is content. McSweeney’s Jordan Bass joins us on the podcast this month to talk about their approach to repurposing content.

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