All the things you’re not supposed to be able to do with ebooks (and some things you actually can’t)

  • March 30, 2016
The next generation of ebook creators are already familiar with the latest techniques and want to make the things most people can’t - and they want to do it efficiently. Join Derrick Schultz, an expert in what you can and cannot get away with in ebook design and development, in a discovery of the bold and the beautiful of exhilarating ebook design and pick up tips and tricks to: manage your CSS better using SASS; simplify your InDesign exports via scripting; create animations and interactivity using CSS and javascript (with an emphasis on reflowable books); create reusable scripts and patterns; manage themes and night modes; and target various devices. And, don't worry: you'll learn how to ensure your next-gen ebooks degrade gracefully on devices that don’t support these crazy things.

All the Things You’re Not Supposed to be Able to Do with Ebooks (and Some Things You Actually Can’t)

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