A history of the end of reading, or how to survive the ebookalypse

  • March 12, 2015
Concerns about ebooks “killing” publishing are just the latest in a centuries-long tradition of worrying unnecessarily about the end of reading. The rise of ebooks and, not by coincidence, big data, will be good for reading, writing, publishing, and bookselling, or at least for the people who learn to embrace them. Everyone else is right to be worried. Kevin Ashton draws on his experience as a bookseller, author, marketer, and leader of the “Internet of Things,” to provide guidance and reassurance to help you survive the coming Ebookalypse.

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Creating is ordinary

The author and coiner of the term “the internet of things” tells us how we can all survive the Ebookalypse.

How to Survive the Ebookalypse

Our first episode is from our 2015 keynote Kevin Ashton, the co-founder and former executive director of the MIT Auto-ID Center, who is also well known for coining the term, “the internet of things.”

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