What you can expect

Tech Forum 2021 will be completely virtual. We will mostly be using Zoom and YouTube to deliver our content. (For more information about what you’ll need to join the sessions on these platforms, see our Technical requirements page.

There will be anywhere between two and four sessions each week starting in March 2021 until mid-April 2021.

The content will typically be broken down into three types: Presentation-style webinars, panel discussions, or workshops. For the presentation-style webinars, speakers will be delivering their presentations and leaving room at the end of the session for question and answer time. Panel discussions will either be opportunities for industry members to discuss a topic with question and answer time at the end or they will be moderated attendee discussion circles focused on a topic relevant to the industry. The workshops will be very interactive and hands-on with instructors engaging attendees and tailoring their course content to suit the needs of the group.

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