What if? A practical implementation of the EPUB+WEB vision

  • March 31, 2016
What if we could start over with EPUB, without worrying about backward compatibility? What would an ebook format look like? Could we make it simpler, more powerful, less maddening? Enter the "simplest possible ebook format," a thought experiment, a specification, a straw-person, a way of thinking about how to move ebooks forward, a utopian vision of the future. Join Dave Cramer & Tzviya Siegman and take a break from the frustrating life of an ebook developer. Let's stop venting on Twitter, take off our "Wizard of Workarounds" hats, and forget for a moment that all those reading systems are mangling and crippling our beautiful files. Let's talk design goals, the browser as reading system, and how modern web technology might apply to ebooks. Let's start at zero.

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