We tear apart your ebooks: How, why, and what you can do to stop us

  • March 21, 2018
Not everyone can read an ebook, especially when it isn’t fully accessible. About 10% of Canadians may not be able to read books in print format because of vision, mobility, and comprehension impairments. These readers are typically not part of a publisher’s market, but they could be. NNELS (nnels.ca) is a publicly-funded accessible format producer that makes digital books available to people with print disabilities through public libraries. Basically, we redo your ebooks from scratch and distribute them in accessible e-text, DAISY and EPUB 3 formats. We’ll show you what we do to make a book accessible and demonstrate how EPUB files behave when they’re not accessible.

We Tear Apart Your Ebooks

What it means to be accessible

Two librarians write about their dream world where all books are accessible to everyone.

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