Towards an accessible digital publishing ecosystem

  • July 10, 2020
Accessibility is becoming increasingly important in the publishing industry. Thanks to the opportunities offered by new standards and digital reading technologies, a new paradigm is emerging: produce accessible publications and distribute them through traditional distribution channels, so that people with print disabilities can enjoy reading and benefit from the same opportunities and wide choice as any other reader. Using Fondazione LIA’s paper, E-books for all: Towards a digital publishing ecosystem, as a starting point, the presentation will provide an overview of the different aspects involved for all the players in the book value chain that want to embrace accessibility. Starting from the insights learned through LIA’s journey towards the creation of an accessible digital ecosystem (projects, R&D activities, events, working groups, training), Elisa will focus on the issues that still need to be solved and the description of the role each actor of the value chain may play in an accessible ecosystem.

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Towards an accessible digital publishing ecosystem

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