So you think you can code? #eprdctn life hacks

  • March 18, 2019
This will be a hands-on workshop where participants take on a few of the perennial challenges unique to digital publishing. No advance preparation will be required to participate in coding and discussing solutions in real time. Harnessing the combined experience of the ebookcraft community, we may even compile solutions together that are better than any of us could develop individually. This session can be enjoyed with or without participating in this year's So You Think You Can Code competition and will appeal to all skill levels, from beginners testing their mettle to pros ready to learn new tricks—or maybe even show off a little.

So You Think You Can Code? #eprdctn Life Hacks

An ebook artisan’s toolbox: The best, mostly free, and nearly workflow-agnostic tools for building, validating, and QAing ebooks

ebookcraft speaker Melissa deJesus shares some tips for some things you can automate in the ebook production workflow.

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