Pre-publication trends: Using early data to refine launch strategies

  • February 25, 2020
Customer pre-orders can significantly affect the sales & marketing strategy of a book. Pre-orders can predict a regional, national, or even international bestseller, and publishers can use pre-order data to focus or hone their sales and marketing efforts, amplify pre-order buzz, and generate more sales on publication. Jen Gauthier (Associate Publisher, Greystone Books) will explore the multiple domino effects of pre-orders, and share tips on how to use readily accessible data to determine advance buzz and target your marketing efforts to generate pre-orders. Utilizing insights gained from NetGalley Advanced, Kristina Radke (VP Business Growth & Engagement) will share impactful pre-publication strategies that publishers can implement when they understand early trends in discoverability and feedback. Considering aggregated data across a wide range of publishers who use NetGalley, this session will demonstrate how key influencers like librarians are interacting with books, and examine case studies where publishers utilized data to develop specific strategies to understand early activity and trends.

The power of early data

Kristina Radke of NetGalley, shows how early data can really help refine your book’s launch plan.

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