Is your EPUB accessible? Put it to the test!

  • March 21, 2018
By now, everyone should know that producing accessible content is a _good thing_™. Most of us would hopefully be convinced that all people must have access to information or knowledge, regardless of any print disability ; others could see it as… sigh… just another business opportunity, or a law-abiding constraint. In any case, you want your content to be accessible. Great! But… is it? How would you know? In this workshop, we'll show how to test the accessibility of EPUB content, what are the underlying concepts, and what tools and processes can be used along the way.

Is Your EPUB Accessible? Put it to the test!

Publishing accessibility jargon deciphered

Accessibility jargon isn’t any more accessible than any other jargon but Matt Garrish and Romain Deltour are here to help.

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