Introduction to audiobook production for #eprdctn people

  • March 18, 2019
#eprdctn people get a reputation for being tech-savvy – and rightfully so! But as print people lump all digital products together, ebook developers asked to make audiobooks may have no idea where to start. And that’s where we were three years ago! Through research, trial and error, and tests with distributors, we created a process of turning raw audio into finished audiobooks that worked for us. This workshop includes hands-on training in assembling audiobooks from sample audio, QAing tablemates’ audio, and understanding required metadata. We’ll also touch on why your press should consider creating audiobooks, choosing the right books for your market, and collaborating with audio houses. We hope that by sharing our experience, we can encourage others, especially small presses, to dive into the audiobook market with confidence.

Introduction to Audiobook Production for #eprdctn People

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