Humanize the reader: Innovation from neuroscience

  • April 1, 2016
The future of innovative book-marketing campaigns relies heavily on understanding not only what your reader says they prefer, but also the reason why they make a selection. Traditional insight methodologies such as surveys and focus groups provide verbal expressions of opinion, yet science has proven that people don’t act on what they say. People act on how they feel. Imagine if we could tap directly into emotion to understand what makes readers buy books, and immediately optimize your marketing efforts both online, offline, or in-store. What are the exact feelings that influence book buying behaviour? Is the brain wired to prefer print or digital media? How can book publishers apply neuroscience insights to their businesses? Diana Lucaci’s session includes data-driven and specific insights from the field of neuroscience. You will find out about the partnership between Canada Post and True Impact, in conducting a major neuromarketing study comparing how the consumer’s brain responds to physical and digital forms of content. Looking at the effect of the tactile sense on the brain, you will learn how Colgate uses neuroscience to design compelling in-store experiences. Finally, you will understand the formula to being noticed, being relevant in the mind of your reader, and ultimately being selected. Understanding human behaviour and emotion is the ticket to ensuring that a book will stand out — time after time.

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Humanize the Reader: Innovations from Neuroscience

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