Faking a grid

  • March 18, 2019
We wanted to utilize the responsive nature of the grid layout in our EPUBs to mimic the complex layout of higher education print textbooks. When we looked at applying the grid to our EPUBs, we saw that this would require additional coding not related to semantics, and the addition of s surrounding our headers would interrupt our CFI generation (which are essential to our course creation). To mimic the look of a grid layout, we leveraged the consistent framework of our Macmillan Schema and relied on media queries to mirror the look of a responsive grid. This solution worked with our CFI generation and saved us from having to add additional coding to fit the grid model. In this workshop, we will present the CSS we authored at Macmillan as a case study and explore alternative ways to code and style complex content with CSS, with a focus on grid and media queries in EPUBs.

Faking a Grid

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