Building in-house momentum for diverse books

  • March 23, 2018
At Tech Forum 2017, Léonicka Valcius facilitated a conversation on advanced sales strategies for diverse books. This year, Valcius is joined by co-facilitator Anyka Davis to interrogate and rethink in-house processes and assumptions that come before publication date, including acquisitions, audience identification and positioning, setting priorities and sales expectations, getting internal reads, and setting marketing & publicity budgets. Be prepared to equip yourself with the tools to bridge the gap between good intentions and good actions.

Diversity: A(nother) call to action

Tech Forum speaker Anyka Davis talks about how we can support diverse books and what the major roadblocks are for in-house diversity initiatives.

Building In-House Momentum for Diverse Books

This month we’re talking with Léonicka Valcius about how to interrogate and rethink in-house processes and assumptions when publishing diverse books, including acquisitions, audience identification, setting priorities, and building in-house excitement.

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